Prime Minister Tiger Force, Registration


    PM Tiger Force

    Prime minister Imran Khan organized a team of civil people for the help of needy during COVID-19 named Tiger Force. The team active in many cities and the team members belong to the city where they work. No educational and professional skills required for registration in the Tiger Force. Anyone can apply for it. Imran Khan said that he wanted the team helps the government to tackle severe climate during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

    The government decided to give certificates to the Tiger Force members for the appreciation to help the government in the mission to save Pakistan from such a worst situation like other countries faced.

    Imran Khan broadcast a special message that Pakistan will celebrate Tiger Force Day on 9th of August. Tiger Force responsible to give food and another essential item that are necessary for the daily life to the poor and needy families. Tiger Force spreads awareness in backward areas about COVID-19 and their meditation.

    Now people can register themselves through Tiger Force Mobile App that is launched by Imran Khan’s assistant Usman Dar. Government appreciated the digital appearance of Tiger Force. The App is available on iSO and Android both stores, people can download the App and can register themselves online and they take task through the App.

    How to register?

    1. Download tiger force app from play store
    2. Click on the registration button
    3. A form will appear
    4. Fill your name and father name
    5. Enter you CNIC No
    6. Enter your mobile No
    7. Fill your current address
    8. Select your province
    9. Select your district and tehsil
    10. Enter your UC No
    11. Enter provincial seat No if you have
    12. Enter National assembly No if you have
    13. Now submit the form

    After submit the form you will officially register in the Tiger Force Team.