Ufone SMS Packages | Prepaid, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Unlimited, Code


Ufone Prepaid SMS Packages and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Unlimited, Sub, Unsub Code


Ufone SMS Packages Details are if and me and my shadow if below. Ufone is providing the outstanding job in the telecom industry. Not only the best job, Ufone is dominant in a market by all of the affordable packages. No doubt Ufone is offering best services and low-priced SMS rates. Ufone offering the variety of Ufone SMS Packages which are affordable and as by customer limit and use. You Can Choose your required Ufone SMS Package from Ufone SMS Packages detail. Daily, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly, Yearly and Unlimited Ufone SMS Packages plan are available by all of Price, Number of SMS and assistance code.

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Ufone by the day SMS Price is Rs 3.99 + bonus and home of Ufone by the day SMS Package are 1,500 for 24 Hrs Subscription conduct for Ufone by the day SMS communication is 605

Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package

Price is Rs 30 + hardship and abode of SMS are 10,000 14 days Subscription conscience is 603

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

Ufone monthly SMS Package Price is Rs 80 + hardship and location of SMS are 20,000 30 days Subscription character is 607

Ufone Yearly SMS Package

Price is Rs. 666 + thorn in one side Unlimited*One Year Subscription sense of duty is 601

*Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply

Ufone *Uth SMS FnF Package

Price is Rs. 5 + onus Unlimited 30 days Subscription attitude is 604

*Uth Daily SMS Package

Price is Rs.1.99 + Tax and location of SMS are 600 24 Hours Subscription conscience is 612
Ufone Weekly SMS Bucket

Price is Rs. 10 + bonus and place of business of SMS are 12000 7 Days Subscription character is 608

*These packages are only solid for Uth Package Customers

Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package

Price is Rs. 2 + thorn in one side and home of SMS are 500 24 Hours Subscription conduct is 611

*This is only fair for Ufone to Ufone SMS

Ufone Night Package

Price is Rs 1+tax 300 8 Hrs (12 am to 8 am)609
*Limited presage offer.
*Re.1 + Tax is consistent on un-subscription of night package.

45 Day SMS Bucket

Price is Rs.99 + hardship and zip code of SMS are 30,000 For 45 Days Subscription Code is 614