Pakistan Citizen Portal | Online Apply, Complaint registration


Pakistan Citizen Portal is a platform that connected all government organizations that are formed for people to help like education authority, police, and cybercrime department and help centres etc. This platform is active all over Pakistan through a mobile App.

People can register complains about anything on it from their homes and from anywhere. This is a brave and fair step from the government to address people’s complaining about any department. This step can shorten the distance between government and common people.

All Pakistanis, overseas Pakistanis and others can file a complaint on the citizen portal without disclosing their identity.

How to complain?

  1. Download Pakistan Citizen Portal App from play store
  2. Register yourself on the App
  3. Give your basic information by filling the given form
  4. Click on the register button
  5. Fill your details
  6. Now the user is registered
  7. After registration user logged into the app
  8. User give username
  9. Enter password
  10. The main page will appear
  11. Click on + button
  12. Now you can enter your complaint

Authorities on Pakistan Citizen Portal:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Banking
  3. Communications
  4. Corruption
  5. Malpractice
  6. Development projects
  7. Disaster
  8. Emergency
  9. Education
  10. Energy and Power
  11. Environment and Forest
  12. Excise and Taxation
  13. FBR
  14. Health
  15. Human Rights
  16. Immigration and passport
  17. Investment
  18. Kamyab jawan
  19. Land Revenue
  20. Law and order
  21. Licenses, Certificates and registrations
  22. Media, cyber crimes
  23. Municipal services
  24. NADRA
  25. Naya Pakistan housing and development
  26. Overseas Pakistani and call Sarzameen
  27. Social safety
  28. Registrations
  29. Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan
  30. Transport
  31. Youth affairs


User can give feedback on the app about the complaint like is their complaint solved or not. The user is satisfied or not for the services etc.


  • User don’t need to go in office for complying
  • User can complaint from home
  • User can direct complaint to the related authority
  • User can hide his or her identity
  • User can give feedback about the service