Mobilink 3G internet Packages details are available here. Mobilink 3g is offering affordable and cheap packages in Pakistan with best 3g Internet services. Mobilink 3g is leading network in Pakistan with Wast network working across the Pakistan. Mobilink is best network because Mobilink giving strong network even in the rural areas of Pakistan. Mobilink 3g Packages detail is given below now you can choose mobilink 3g package of your own choice. Mobilink Daily 3g Package, Weekly Package, Monthly and Unlimited Packages details are available. Now Mobilink 3G giving freedom to all type of customers to choose Mobilink 3G Packages as per their need. 

Mobilink 3G Packages

Mobilink Daily Lite Internet Package.

Price of mobilink daily lite internet package is Rs.8  with Data Volume of  1,024 MB   validity is
(available from 3 am to 6 pm) 24 Hrs

Subscription Code. *114*14# Status code is *114*14*2#

Mobilink 3G Daily Package.

Price of Mobilink Daily 3g Package is  17.93 with Data Volume of 100 Mb Validity is 24hrs

Subscription code.*117*1# and Status code is *117*1*2#

Mobilink 3g Daily Super Package.

Mobilink daily Super package Price is 29.88 with Data Volume of 200MB and Validity is 24hrs.

Subscription Code is *117*4#  and subscription code is *117*4*2#

Mobilink 3g 3 Day Package.

Mobilink 3g 3 Day Package Price is 41.83  with Data Volume of 300 MB and Validity Price is 3 Days, Subscription code is *117*3# and status code is *117*3*2#

Mobilink 3G Weekly Package.

Mobilink Weekly package price is 71.70 with Data Volume of 1,500 MB validity is 7 Days and subscription code is *117*7# status code is *117*7*2#

Mobilink 3G Super Package.

Mobilink Super Package price is 119.50 with Data Volume of 2,500 MB with Unlimited usage from 2 AM to 9 AM for 7 Days,

Subscription Code is *117*77# and Status Code is *117*31*2#

Mobilink 3G Monthly Package.

Mobilink monthly internet package price is 239 with Data Volume of 2.048 MB and Validity is 30 Days, Subscription code is *117*31# and Status Code is *117*31*2#

Mobilink 3g Monthly Heavy Package.

Mobilink monthly heavy Package price is 478 with Data Volume of 4,500 MB and Valdity is 30 Days, Subscription code is *117*30# and staus code is *117*30*2#

Mobilink 3g Monthly Super Package.

Mobilink 3g Monthly Super Package price is 1,195 with Data Volume of 12,000 MB and Validity is 30 Days, Susbcription code is *117*32# and status code is *117*32*2#

Mobilink 3G Hybrid Monthly Package.

Mobilink hybrid monthly package price is 478 with 1000 Mobilink Minutes, SMS, 2GB Data Volume and subscription code is *117*40# and status code is *117*40#

All Mobilink 3G Packages are exclusive Tax.

Mobilink 3G Base Rate Package. Price is 21.51/MB