Jazz 3G Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Jazz 3G Internet Packages

Jazz 3G Internet Packages details are available here. Mobilink 3g is offering affordable and cheap Data, Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp and Youtube packages in Pakistan with the best 3g Internet services. Mobilink Jazz is a leading network in Pakistan with Wast network working across Pakistan. Mobilink is the best network because Mobilink giving a strong network even in the rural areas of Pakistan. Mobilink 3g Packages detail is given below now you can choose the Mobilink 3g package of your own choice. Jazz Daily 3g Package, Weekly Package, Monthly, and Unlimited Packages details are available. Now Mobilink 3G giving freedom to all type of customers to choose Mobilink 3G Packages as per their need. 

Daily Jazz 3G Packages

Free Whatsapp

Get Daily Free Whatsapp Mbs on every voice Call

Free Whatsapp Mbs250

Daily Social Package

Free Data200 Mbs (Facebook & Whatsapp)
Validity24 Hrs

Daily Peak Off-Peak Offer

PriceRs.24 ( Incl Tax)
Validity24 Hrs
Status Code*117*4*2#
Free Resources 100 MB DATA (24 Hours)
1.1 GB in Off-Peak (2 AM – 2 PM)

Daily Browser Offer

PriceRs.11.95 ( Incl Tax)
Validity1 Day
Subscribe *117*11#
Status Code *117*11*2#
Free Resources 50 MB

Daily Social

PriceRs.7 ( Incl Tax)
Subscribe *114*5#
Free Resources 500 MB ( Facebook & Whatsapp)

Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly Mega Internet Offer

PriceRs.200 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.225
Validity7 Days
Subscribe *159#
Status *159*2#
Free Resources7 GB Internet Data

Weekly Streamer

PriceRs.95 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.107
Validity7 Days
Status *117*7*2#
Free Resources1 GB Internet Data

Weekly Mega Plus

PriceRs.240 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.270
Validity7 Days
Subscribe Dial *453#
Status *453*2#
Free Resources20 GB (10 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)

Weekly Plus

PriceRs.210 (Inc Tax)
Validity7 Days
Subscribe *157#
Status *157*2#
Free Resources 12 GB DATA
(6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Weekly Social

PriceRs.60 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.68
Validity7 Days
SubscribeDial *660#
Free Resources 5 GB ( IMO, Whatsapp, Facebook)

Weekly YouTube Offer

PriceRs.80 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.90
Validity7 Days
Subscribe *570#
Status *570*2#
Free Resources 5 GB (YOUTUBE)

Weekly Premium

PriceRs.140 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.158
Validity7 Days
Subscribe *117*47#
Status *117*47*2#
Free Resources 3 GB

Monthly Internet Offers

Monthly Browser

PriceRs.215 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.242
Validity30 Days
Free Resources 4 GB DATA
(2 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Monthly MEGA

PriceRs.375 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.422
Validity30 Days
Subscribe *117*31#
Status *117*31*2#
Free Resources8 GB DATA
(4 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Monthly MEGA Plus

PriceRs.600 (Inc Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs.675
Validity30 Days
Subscribe *117*30#
Status *117*30*2#
Free Resources12 GB DATA
( 6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

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