Flying Car | Compressed Air Car

Flying Car

The flying car is an innovative new vehicle like a personal air vehicle. This car provides door to door service in both ground and air. This car is designed as the ground car and as the airbus. This car is a reliable environment friendly. This car uses a motor that is working on compressed air concepts.

So many companies are interested in innovation of air car. The companies are:

  1. MDI
  2. Tata Motors
  3. Engine air pty ltd
  4. Peugeot/citroen
  5. APUQ

Air cars are clean and easy to drive and echo friendly. Compressed air is used science 19th century in Paris. Compressed air is a modern technique motors that are now used in modern and advanced vehicles. Compressed air motors are light weight and low cast motors that’s why the air compressed cars are not too much costly.


EnginesCompressed air motor Tank with high pressure 31 MPa Ignited fuel Expansion
Storage TanksCarbon fiber tank Non-flammable Comparable steel tank High pressure pump Heat exchanger
Energy densityLow 30MPa about 50 Wh Lead acid battery 250-620 wh/l Gasoline at 8890 wh/l


  • Don’t use bio carbon or gasoline as fuel.
  • Cost is become flexible due to compressed air engine.
  • Cooling system is not required.
  • Mufflers not used in design
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Temperature lowers due to compressed air expansion
  •  Energy recovery may allows due to some mechanical configuration


  • Heat is necessary for some time for that the  heat exchanger may problematic
  • If compressed air is not working the engine stops due to inner cooling system and icing
  • Required additional energy
  • Home charging is impossible
  • Temperature will increase during re-fill compressed air
  • Impossible to re-fill compressed air at home
  • Speed limit is not flexible
  • Compressed air motor is less efficient