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DoDear Portal

DoDear is a portal that provides internet services like live streaming, movie downloading, etc for the home user in Pakistan named Dodear.Com. This portal provides a complete package on one platform. Users can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Also, we can download TV Dramas and can see live TV Shows. DoDear portal also provides online communication, games, music, and many more.

DoDear portal has been blocked in Pakistan because it is unauthorized in this country.

The speed score of this website is 51/100 which is better than the other websites. If you use DoDear. Com on the mobile score will be 99/100.

Unblock Dodear.Com

There is a secure web proxy site to unblock this portal in Pakistan.

zen44 proxy

Users can open the DoDear portal to use this proxy link.

Troubleshooting :

If your portal is not working you can try these steps:

Browser refreshing :

  • Clicking by Ctrl+F5 at the same time, this action will refresh your page.
  • There will be some temporary files that slow down your page. Remove your temporary files.

Advance Tips:

If still not resolved your problem.

  • Click on start button then go to command prompt now type:

Ipconfig/flush DNS then hit Enter.

  • If your  ISP is blocking DoDear you must try alternate services.

Other site related issues :

If you still have Errors, it may possibly the problem is with the site. Users must contact the company.

Server Location :

IP address   Country Region City Domain Pakistan Sindh Karachi


If you are stuck with a Session Expired problem during browsing your portal on the internet you may have these causes.


The server will time out if the user does nothing on the page for 10-30 min. This session time-out is created for security.

Incorrect Time and Date:

Users may have incorrect time and date that’s why the browsing show error.


If your browser has not enabled cookies it may be session failed. Users must enable cookies.


If the user is connecting to the internet proxy or firewall may be expired the session from the establishment.