Daraz – Black Friday Sale | Shopping Deal 2021

Black Friday 2020

Daraz Black Friday Sale 2021, Shopping Deals, Discount Products

Daraz is Giving Discounts on Black Friday Shopping, As November is coming to an end and the last Friday of November is considered as a Black Friday in the west. Like last year, this year too Daraz.pk has announced its Black Friday Sale and you can get up to 86% off on different items including Grocery items, Phones and tablets, and kid’s toys shopping

Tradition of Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is celebrated just after the Thanksgiving holiday and it is considered a start of a holiday shopping season. Many stores offer huge discounts to attract customers to their stores. People start coming to the stores in the morning to avail themselves of the discounts. In a recent couple of years, with the increase in the usage of the internet, the trend of online purchases has become popular and Black Friday deals are almost stretched to the whole week. So sales are not only valid for the day but for the full week.     

Daraz Black Friday Week Sale

Daraz’s Black Friday sale starts from Monday 20th November, and they are offering different discounts every day till 26th November.

On Monday 20th November, they are offering discounts on Groceries up to 86%, Beauty Products up to 65%, Baby, Kids and Toys, and Books & stationery up to 65%.

On Tuesday 21st November, they are offering discounts on Men’s Clothing up to 80%, Women’s Clothing up to 80%, Men’s Shoes up to 75% and Women’s Shoes up to 80%   

On Wednesday 22nd November, they are offering discounts on Home & appliances up to 75%, Sport and Fitness up to 80%, Computer & gaming up to 71% and Automotive up to 65%

On Thursday 23rd November, they are offering Phones & Tablets up to 86%, Televisions up to 70%, and Cameras up to 30% and Audio up to 63%.  

From Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November they are offering discounts in all Categories.

Daraz Discount from QR code

Moreover, Daraz has also introduced a discount through QR Code. The shoppers can scan the code and redeem a discount of 500 Rs. The QR code is available everywhere in shops, TV, and billboards and every QR code have a voucher of Rs 500. The more code you can the more discount you can avail.

Additional Discount from Banks and Payment methods

This time different banks and payment methods have also partnered up with Daraz such as Silk Bank, Allied Bank, Jazz Cash, Standard Chartered Bank, Easy-paisa, and KEENU and they are giving an additional discount to their customers.

Jazz cash, Silk bank, Easy Paisa, and HBL are offering up to 20% discount and the maximum discount you can avail of is 7500, 1000, 5000, and 5000 respectively.

Allied Bank, KEENU, and Standard Chartered are offering up to 15% discount and the maximum discount you can avail is 3000, 1000 and 1500 respectively.

Black Friday is a win-win situation for both the customer and the seller. The customer can avail discount and can purchase an item within his budget range whereas the seller achieves his annual sale target. Thus Black Friday discounts are beneficial for everyone.